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126 Dedications – February 26 2018, continuing until Remembrance Day 2018
Finale Concert – 19 October All Saints' Theatre
126 Commemorative Plaques 

This year, the St Andrew’s Catholic College Music Department has decided to present and oversee 126 separate Musical ‘Dedications’ to represent and show thanks to the 126 individual fallen soldiers whose names are etched on the Cairns Cenotaph World War One Memorial (in front of the RSL on the Cairns Esplanade).

These individual ‘Dedications’ will take place from February 26 2018 until Remembrance Day 2018 to mark the Centenary of Armistice 1918 – 2018.

At 8am on most mornings between February 26 2018 and Remembrance day, there will be a Musical Tribute performed and ‘The Ode’ will be recited as a dedication to each  individual service person whose name appears on the Cairns War Memorial.

A plaque, will be placed in our Remembrance Garden to be used at our Finale Concert. This Plaque will bear the names of the Soldier, Musician and Reader from that day. 

To conclude our 126 separate dedications, ‘The Gift of Music’ and St Andrew’s Catholic College will run a Joint Community Concert on 19 October 2018, held in All Saints' Theatre.

How do you get involved?

Instrumentalists: -

We are asking for interested performers to accept our invitation to play a very short and thought provoking piece of music that will be ‘Dedicated’ to a chosen soldier. Students are already working on ‘The Last Post’ or a version of this to use at their ‘Dedication’. We are very happy for our extended community to be involved as well. Please let us know and we will add your name to the list.

Readers of ‘The Ode’: -  

This is open to all students and family members of St Andrew’s. We are very happy for our extended community to be involved as well. Please let us know and we will add your name to the list.

Families and relatives of our Memorial Soldiers / Nurses: -

Are you related to OR do you know anyone related to the service persons on our Memorial. You or their families may wish to be present on the day of their dedication, or be involved in that in some way. Perhaps you can help us locate the family and assist us with invitations. Please contact us.

Please click here to find the full list times, dates, Service Persons name

Remembrance Garden St Andrew's Catholic College - 8am.
Featured Service Person: - Private Ernest Austin Ainscow


Photo Below - Private Ernest Austin Ainscow (1897-1917), who was represented in ‘Music and Drama’ at our ‘ANZAC Reflections’ Centenary Concert in 2015.












Please click here to see details regarding Private Ernest Ainscow – He is also our First soldier to receive a ‘Dedication’ in our ‘Centenary of Armistice’ series 2018.


All Saints' Theatre at St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch 

19 October 2018

The Centenary of Armistice is shaping up to be one of the musical highlights of Cairns' entertainment calendar. Top soloists, ensembles, schools and colleges from Cairns are gathering together to present a poignant yet uplifting musical presentation to reflect on the sacrifice and the tragic loss of so many lives in war and to celebrate the gifts we afford living in this paradise we call home.

There will be joint items and individual group items from some of the finest ensembles in the area including musicians of St Andrew's Catholic College, Holy Cross, St Augustine's, St Monica's, St Stephen's, Cairns Choral Society and Cairns Pipes and Drums.

Pipes and drums will welcome you as you arrive and wander along 'Remembrance Avenue' where we will be unveiling a purpose built and designed set of ceramic structures, each one created by a member of our community to commemorate and honour the 126 soldiers who's names are etched on the Cairns Cenotaph. 

Memorabilia and artifacts supplied by RSL Cairns Sub branch, Cairns Historical Society and Cairns Family History Society. 

Foyer 'war-time' swing music is being supplied by St Andrew's Catholic College's Award Winning Jazz Band.

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