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We have found some inspiring stories happening all across the globe to inspire us as a community to strengthen our commitment to social justice, inclusion and respect towards each other.
Some Days I Lived, Other Days I Died

Resilience in the face of exploitation
Charimaya Tamang, one of the founders of Shakti Samuha, the first organization in Nepal established and run by survivors of trafficking — Kathmandu, Nepal in September 2015. 

Charimaya Tamang knows all too well how easy it is to be trafficked in Nepal.

That’s because 22 years ago, it happened to her. At 16, Charimaya was alone cutting grass in the forest when she was ambushed by four men. After being drugged and losing consciousness, she awoke in Gorakhpur, near the Nepali/India border with her appearance completely changed — she had on makeup, a new hairstyle and different clothes.

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