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Thank you for the amazing work of everyone involved in THE GIFT OF MUSIC 2017, we were able to present 3 separate cheques of $2500 to our 3 main charities.

Congratulations also to the SKM Goshala - Cow Shelter, who have also benefited from the proceeds of the food sold on the evening. 


As a culmination of our efforts, we are organising a JOINT COMMUNITY SHOWCASE at THE TANKS on 9 & 10 August 2017, understanding that ‘THE ARTS’ are an international language that all cultures share and enjoy. 


This showcase of diversity and unity through performance will hopefully bring our community closer together and at the same time strengthen our commitment to social justice, inclusion and respect towards each other. 


Tickets for the concert will be sold through TicketLink.


All proceeds from the concert will be split and donated directly to our community based charities. 

Below is a list of groups which are performing at the two Gift of Music concerts.


This is not the final order of the evenings.

Wednesday Night:

Cairns Brass No.1

St Andrew’s Catholic College Concert Band

St Andrew’s Catholic College Jazz Band

St Andrew’s Catholic College Percussion Ensemble

Holy Cross School Children’s Choir

St Augustine's  College Percussion Ensemble

Cairns Chamber Ensemble

Drum Mugendai

Cairns Flute Ensemble

Cairns Youth Orchestra No.1

Cairns Youth Orchestra No.2

Thursday Night:

Cairns Choral Society

St Monica's College Jazz Band

St Monica's College Senior Choir

St Monica's College Bella Voce

St Monica's College Handbell Choir

St Andrew's Catholic College Tuba Consort

St Augustine's College Choir

Far Northern Brass

Cairns RSL Pipes and Drums

Joint Choirs of St Monica's and St Augustine's

The Cairns region is an amazingly beautiful place to live and work. We are surrounded by nature’s beauty every day, with wonderful people from all around the world who choose to call our great region home.  It is these very people also that enrich our lives and make our region a vibrant example of multi-cultural inclusion, with a richness of diversity and as evidenced by our many local regional charities, a foundation of care and concern for each other.


This website will help to broaden the door for local cairns charities who have registered to be part of our appeal. It has links to those charities and information on how else you can help those close to us that need it.  By following the links, you will be directed to how and where you can help, how to drop off equipment or gifts, and how to make money donations.

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