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About Us

The Cairns region is an amazingly beautiful place to live and work. We are surrounded by nature’s beauty every day, with wonderful people from all around the world who choose to call our great region home.  It is these very people also that enrich our lives and make our region a vibrant example of multi-cultural inclusion, with a richness of diversity and as evidenced by our many local regional charities, a foundation of care and concern for each other.


‘THE GIFT OF MUSIC’ aims to focus on our communal ‘goodness’ and aim to create an opportunity whereby we harness the power of music in an effort to make our community an even better place for all.  We put together community based networks for the purpose of facilitating an increased community response to the work of the many and varied charities within our community and beyond

The work that we do will always be a not for profit appeal, and is purely a simple human response to the needs within our very own streets.


THE GIFT OF MUSIC, CAIRNS understands that music is an international language that all cultures share and enjoy. We harness this power of music in the form of a concert or public performance in the faith that such a showcase of diversity and unity through music, brings our community closer together and at the same time strengthens our commitment to social justice, inclusion and respect towards each other.

Invitation to perform at symbolic performances are by invitation but anyone is welcome to become involved when the occasion allows.


If you would like to register your interest in being involved in THE GIFT OF MUSIC, please click here to leave your details. Or alternatively, contact Maureen Cameron, Producer and Director, for more details regarding THE GIFT OF MUSIC.

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